Hitay's foundations were laid in 1980.

Emin Hitay, one of the leading investors in the field of venture capital, initiated to invest in the information industry upon incorporation of Exim A.S. Exim, which introduced the barcode to Turkey, became an important actor in the segment of Automatic Identification/Data Collection (AI/DC).

Planet A.S. was founded as the second venture upon the growth of banking industry and the further use of credit cards in the daily life. Technical services of Exim were institutionalized under Teknoser A.S. information investments available within the organization of the group were gathered under the umbrella of Teknoloji Holdings.

The project, which will be one of the most significant successes in the field of private capital/venture capital in Turkey upon incorporation of Inteltek A.S. in order to initiate the game of Iddaa,
together with Turkcell, one of the leading GSM operators in Turkey, as well as with the company
Intralot in Greece, was launched.

Bilyoner.com, the first virtual dealer ensuring that common betting games are played through the GSM, ITV, Internet and IVR, was put into practice with the partnership of Turkcell and Intralot.

The fact that Hitay sold its share of 20 percent in Inteltek in consideration of 80 million USD to Intralot, became one of the most valuable sales of share performed in Turkey in respect of time-dependent value created.

All shares in Planet A.S. were sold to the French company Ingenico
in consideration of 26 million Euro. Dataprofil A.S. the first and largest commitment-based authorized database, was incorporated.

Hitay engaged in the investments in any other industries in addition to its venture capital investments in the information industry. In parallel with this strategy, Arena Faktoring A.S., providing factoring services to the small and medium sized enterprises in the short term, was incorporated in 2009.
(The sale of Arena Faktoring has been completed as of 2015.)

DORinsight A.S. (DORinsight Inc.), the online market research company, was incorporated.

2Nokta A.S., the operating system platform provider, bringing together the value added services and banking practices to the retail industry on the secure payment terminals, was incorporated.

The shareholding held by Hitay in Bilyoner increased from 20 percent to 50 percent.