Hitay Holdings


Rooting back to 1980, Hitay Holdings is one of the leading investments groups in Turkey, and has focused on corporate venture capital. The group was founded by Emin Hitay, one of the leading entrepreneurs in Turkey.

In line with its entrepreneurial spirit, Hitay currently has investments in information technologies, payment systems, online research, security technologies and online sports games of chance platform.

Teknoser, the leading system integration and field services company in Turkey; DORinsight, the largest online research company in Turkey and Napolyon.com, the authorized database operating within the organization there of; 2Nokta, offering stock, campaign and payment systems solutions focusing on productivity growth specific to the retail market in Turkey; Exim, security technologies solutions, and Bilyoner, the first legal online games of sports chances platform in Turkey, are included in the companies available in the current portfolio of Hitay.