After the laying of its foundations in 1980 by visionary entrepreneur Emin Hitay, Hitay Holding serves as the driving force behind industry-leading companies such as Teknoser, Exim, and Bilyoner, pioneering innovation and technology within their respective sectors.

To transform the dynamics of the business world and create values that redefine the norm, we relentlessly push the boundaries of information technology, provide cutting-edge global solutions in security technology, and introduce new dimensions to online sports games of chance. With our investment strength, which shapes the future of Turkey, we inspire, generate added value, and foster business opportunities in a growing and evolving world.




Hitay Foundation was established by Emin Hitay in 2019 for supporting arts and education in Turkey. The Foundation aims at giving room to artists, curators and writers working and producing in field of the visual arts. Contributing to the realization of various art projects, it targets enhancing communication and production networks with people and institutions working in the arts. Actively supporting students and artists to improve teaching and learning through scholarships and projects, Hitay Foundation works up for supporting equality in educational opportunities.



Our vision at Hitay Holding is to be the pioneer of leading investment projects that shape the future of Turkey. We focus on innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and societal contribution, assuming a vanguard role in the transformation of the business world as we strive every day to build a better future.

Hitay Holding’s mission is to create value through investments, promote innovation and entrepreneurship, develop sustainable business models that contribute to society, and support innovative projects that contribute to Turkey’s technological transformation and a sustainable future. In alignment with Emin Hitay’s, Chairman of Hitay Holding, innovative perspective, we work diligently to change the dynamics of the business world.


“And at that moment, it has all re-started…”

In my life; this is one of the most beautiful sentences describing the importance of innovation and the innovative decisions I have made so far.

In my 44-year-entrepreneurial-adventure that I started from scratch, the innovative thinking system and the decisions taken in this direction formed my perspective on the whole business life, from the business ideas we have implemented to the marketing strategies, from the added value we have created to the businesses we have established. With this perspective, I am happy to have incorporated many innovative projects and business ideas under the roof of Hitay Holdings, of which we have laid the foundations in 1980.

Sometimes people ask, 'How to be innovative?'. To be honest, there is no prescription or pill for it. That's how you see life, that's how you live it. Innovation is a lifestyle, a matter of vision. It spreads interactively from the top to the lower levels. But it is also the courage to take risks, self-confidence, perseverance and discipline.

If you are an innovator, no matter what age you are and under any circumstances, you re-start all over again by saying 'why not?'. You sense it in your cells, in your heart, and you plan it even while you sleep. Over the time, you have a mindset on seeing what others don't, on doing what no one has done, on thinking about the unknown, everything that makes life easier. And it continues automatically.

In my life, in my own innovative thinking system, there is always value and employment generation. Producing, creating value, benefiting the country makes life more meaningful for me...

And the golden rule: Life gives the reward to the deserving, and takes it back from the undeserving.

Emin Hitay
Chairman of Hitay Holdings



Very first steps have been taken for the foundation of Hitay Holding.


Making Turkey meet barcode technology, Exim A.Ş. was established.


Turkey's leading information technology company Teknoser A.Ş. has been established.


Teknoloji Holding has started its investments in online games of chance sector and İnteltek Inc. (known as İddaa) was established.


Bilyoner, Turkey's first online games of chance platform, was established.


Hitay's 20% share in Inteltek (Bilyoner and İddaa) was sold to Intralot.


The shares in Planet A.Ş, the other successful venture of Emin Hitay, were sold to the French company Ingenico.


Hitay Holding has continued growing with Bilyoner.


Exim has penetrated into the security technologies market by renewing its company vision.


The activities of Teknoloji Holding have been gathered under the roof of Hitay Holding.


Teknoser, Hitay Holding group company, has acquired Fujitsu.