Flexible solutions and services in the field of information technologies with its expert staff

Teknoser is one of the leading system integration and field services companies in the field of information and communication technologies market in Turkey with its 76 service points and employees more than 850, within the organization of Hitay Holdings, the creator of the originals in technology.

Teknoser, which establishes business partnerships with the international productive and solution provider companies that are leaders in the information and communication industry, has the organization enabling to provide all IT services by ensuring customer satisfaction with its competences in field installation, maintenance and backup services as well as with its widespread field force and identity of system integrator across Turkey.

It is in the position of "market leader" with its more than 750 thousand brand-independent POS terminals and its POS practices exceeding 1.2 million, in respect of services regarding field installation of POS terminals, training, failure-maintenance and repair, which it provides to the most important banks in Turkey.